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NEW Connect Groups

Posted Aug 08, 2017
NEW Connect Groups


Connect Group for Adult Women, Bible Basics and Journaling
Led by Elizabeth Riley | Room 2321 | 9:45am
This class is designed for women who are unfamiliar with navigating through the Bible, and do well with hands on learning.  We will be looking at the big picture of God’s redeeming love. We will then be putting it down visually (that will include a time line) to better understand and remember the Biblical stories that show His love.


Jonah: “Navigating Life Interrupted” Bible Study for Ladies by Priscilla Shirer, Led by Melanie Boisseau
6:30pm | Common Grounds Cafe
What do we do when God interrupts our lives? Many times, like Jonah, we run! Priscilla redefines interruption and shows that interruption is actually God’s invitation to do something beyond our wildest dreams. When Jonah was willing to allow God to interrupt his life, the result was revival in an entire city.

Ladies Connect Group for Pianists Led by Jan Corrothers | 2nd & 4th Mondays | 6:30-8:00pm
Jan Corrothers Home (859.802.8363;
Ladies, join us to connect with one another for a time of encouragement, prayer, devotions, and the sharing of our gifts. 


DWell Bible Study “Get Out of the Box” Led by Karen Powers and Megan Evans
Tuesdays | 9:30-10:45am | Room 2317 (Begins August 22 for ladies)
Stagnant in your walk with God? Stale prayer life? How do you get unstuck? Bring your coffee and join us Tuesday mornings for 6 weeks of study and fellowship. As we learn to thrive through the chaos, we will discover the power to break out of the ruts that have kept us stuck in the same old boxes. For more info, contact us: via email - or on Facebook at DWellAmidsttheChaos

The Good Book by Deron Spoo, Led by Pat Van Dyke
6:30am-7:30am | Chick-Fil-A, Madison Street
Men, join us for breakfast and Bible Studyas we continue to study “The Good Book. The Good Book offers a user-friendly guide to the Bible’s biggest ideas. A chapter from the Bible accompanies each chapter of the book, which helps readers understand the context and content of the Scripture passages in a way that can open the whole Bible.


Connect Group for Mixed Couples led by Chris Schlensker
Tuesdays | 6:00-8:00pm | Chris Schlensker Home (931.624.0431;
This group will focus on making the Bible and the teachings of Jesus come alive and be a relevant, practical help in your life.


Explorer’s Bible Study for Ladies, Led by Becky Bourne (Begins August 16)
Wednesdays | 9:30am - 11:15am | High School Area
Ladies, join us as we study Isaiah. This course is an exciting study of one of the greatest prophets of Israel. For sixty years Isaiah served as a prophet, writer, and statesman during a most critical and eventful period of his nation’s history. Out of his devoted loyalty to the God who loved Israel, his unswerving faith, and patriotism came the greatest moral revolution and the reign of the great king Hezekiah. For more information, contact


Large Group Praise and Prayer Service, Laida Fellowship Hall
Join us for a large group Praise and Prayer Service, led by Cal Hampton. Come and enjoy a time of praise through songs and a praise report followed by a time of prayer and devotion.

Daniel Prayer Bible Study by Anne Graham Lotz
Led by Debbie Farrell, Room 2319 (Begins August 16)
Ladies, join us for the Daniel Prayer Bible Study. Anne Lotz looks at the life of Daniel and unpacks the prayer he prayed in Daniel 9. Unlike the everyday now-I-lay-me-downto-sleep kind of prayer, this was a prayer birthed under . . . grief . . . desperation. It was a plea for Heaven to move and change his nation. For more info, contact Debbie Farrell at

Finding I AM by Lysa TerKeurst Ladies Connect Group
Led by Amanda Jennings, Room 3175 (Begins August 16)
Ladies, join us for a time of fellowship, prayer partners each week, and a devotion each Wednesday. What is the deep cry of your heart? The ache in your soul that keeps you up at night? The prayer you keep repeating? Jesus not only cares about this deep, spiritual wrestling, but He also wants to step in and see you through it.

Spiritual Disciples for the Christian Life by Donald Whitney
Led by Richard Davis, Room 2322 (Begins August 9)
We will going through Donald Whitney’s book Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, Revised and Updated Edition, 2014. This study is open to all members and guests interested in spiritual formation. The spiritual disciplines we will be exploring include: Bible Intake, Prayer, Worship, Evangelism, Serving, Stewardship, Fasting, Silence & Solitude, Journaling, Learning, and Perseverance in the Disciplines. For more info, contact Richard Davis at | 270.887.2657

Men’s Connect Group, Led by Guy Bozard, Room 2325
Men, come join us at we study His word and fellowship together!


Couples-All Ages” Connect Group, Led by Marshall and Beth Biter | 6:00-7:30pm
Marshall and Beth Biter’s Home (931.206.2546;
Join us for a “Couples-All Ages” Connect Group hosted in the home of the Biter’s on Thursday evenings. Childcare will be provided.