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Room in the Inn 2017-18

Posted Sep 27, 2017
Room in the Inn 2017-18

Room In the Inn: Items Needed

Room In The Inn offers shelter and compassion to people experiencing homelessness during the coldest months of January and February when the temperatures are dangerously low. First Baptist Clarksville hosts this winter shelter program every Tuesday night November 1 - March 31 every year. The following items are needed for 2017-2018:

•  Sleeveless Undershirts: women’s and men’s, all sizes

•  Work Gloves                

•  Wool/Knit Gloves

•  Hoodies: All Sizes/Any Color        

•  Women’s/Men’s Socks (black and white)

•  Women’s Underwear, All Sizes

•  Women’s Scrubs, All Sizes

•  Sweatpants, All Sizes

•  Boxer Briefs, All Sizes

•  Thermals, All Sizes, Especially L, XL, XXL, XXXL

•  Plain White T-Shirts, All Sizes, Especially XXL and XXXL

•  Napkins 

•  Paper Towels

•  Powdered Creamer & Sugar for coffee

•  Liquid laundry detergent

•  Dryer sheets

•  Small bottles of toiletry items

Collection bins located at the Engage Center, Grace Reception Area, Preschool Entrance, Children’s Entrance and Steeple Entrance beginning Sunday. October 1.