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Plan Your Visit


We are so excited you are planning to visit! We know visiting churches for the first time can be overwhelming. We want to take this opportunity to help you become familiar with our campus and to create a planned visit that fits your needs. We look forward to worshipping with you! 

Worship Opportunites:

  • 8:30am Classic Worship | Grace Building (Building 3)
  • 11:00am Contemporary Worship | Grace Building (Building 3)
  • 11:00am Hispanic Worship | Faith Building (Building 1)
  • 11:00am Korean Worship | Hope Building (Building 2)
  • 11:00am Kids Worship | Hope Building (Building 2)
  • 5:00pm Traditional Worship | Grace Building (Building 3)


Welcome desks are located at the Preschool and Kids Entrances where you will be greeted and able to check-in.

  • Preschool | Babies – Kindergarten | Grace Building (Building 3) - First Floor
    - 8:30am Smiles Cub House Hour (during Classic Worship Service)
    - 9:45am Sunday School
    - 11:00am Smiles Cub House Hour (during Casual/Contemproary Worship Service)
  • Kids | 1st –5th Grade | Hope Building (Building 2) - First Floor
    - 9:45am Sunday School
    - 11:00am Kids Worship (K-5) located right across from the Kids Check In/Welcome Desk
  • Students | 6th –12th Grade | Hope Building (Building 2) - Third Floor
    - 9:45am Sunday School
    (You will find an elevator right inside the Kids Entrance - take to the third floor. You will see the Welcome desk as soon as you exit the elevator.)


Once you visit, we ask you to stop by the Connect Center, located right outside the Worship Center near the Steeple Entrance (Main Entrance) where we can help you find ways to connect with small groups as well give you more information about our church and a gift for visiting. 

  • 9:45am Connect Groups (all age groups available)
    We will help you find a Connect Group that is most fitting for your age or spiritual needs.
  • Wednesday Night Connect Groups and activities schedule available here.

Main Entrances:

When driving around our campus, you will see frosted numbers on the main entry doors. These are to to help you find your way around before you even get out of your car. This will also help you to know which parking lot is best to park in depending upon which entry you need. Whether you are looking for the main Worship Entrance (1) or Preschool (2) or Kids (7) to drop your children off before Worship, we hope you will find them to make finding your way around much easier. Below are the entrance numbers and locations. To view a map of the main entries and door numbers, click here.

1 - Steeple/Worship Entrance (499 Commerce Street)
2 - Preschool Entrance (Childers Street/Commerce Street
3 - Music/Office Entrance (499 Commerce Street, Between Commerce and Franklin)
4 - Activities Entrance (202 Fifth Street)
5 - Gym Entrance (Commerce St)
6 - Bridge Entrance (Commerce St)
7 - Kids Entrance (412 Commerce Street)
8 - Faith Worship Entrance (435 Madison Street)


Designated Guest Parking is located near the Steeple (Main Entrance) and Preschool Entrances. Parents of Preschoolers, Kids, and Students will find the parking lots off of Commerce Street and Childers Street/Hiter Street (backside of campus) are most conveniently located to these Ministry areas. If you do not have children with you, you will find the upper Guest Parking area by the Steeple Entrance most convenient to the Worship Center.


If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Amy Davis at

Campus/Parking Map:

To download Campus/Parking Map to assist you with your visit, click here. (Small map shown below.)